New studio album „The AERDT – Untold Stories“

PINK TURNS BLUE - The AERDT - Untold Stories

In April 2016 PINK TURNS BLUE will a release their new studio album ‘The AERDT – Untold Stories’

With a strong passion for the raw and authentic post punk era of the band, Mic Jogwer, singer, guitarist and main songwriter, spent nearly 2 years with the support of his long time comrade-in-arms Ruebi Walter and the new band member Paul Richter, an energetic and professional studio drummer to create a modern sound with a strong link to the legacy and strength of the group.

Strong tunes, powerful beats, dark atmosphere.
A punk-rock attitude, with dark pop tunes, dark lyrics.

From another world. For this world.

On February the 21st ‘DIRT’, the new radio single will be disclosed exclusively to the newsletter subscribers, YouTube Channel subscribers and Pink Turns Blue Facebook fans.

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5 Replies to “New studio album „The AERDT – Untold Stories“”

  1. This album is a masterpiece ! Thank you for your music.
    I am currently dancing on ‘something deep inside’.

    Viele grüsse aus Paris !

  2. Great new single “Dirt”. Awesome bass line. Can’t wait for the new album. Hopefully we can see the band on tour this year.

  3. Great news!! Waiting to hear your new work after years! And hoping to see you on new live shows…. WGT 2016, maybe?? ;))

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