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Original CD Album from 1987. DIGITALLY REMASTERED in 2015.

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Original CD album from 1988
contains all lyrics and a picture of the band in 1988

  1. The First
  2. The Curse
  3. Your Master Is Calling
  4. Darkness
  5. Cult Of The Beautiful
  6. Celebration’s Day
  7. Touch The Skies
  8. Marcella
  9. Faces Of The Gone
  10. The Church Of Choice

recorded 1988 @ Tivoli Recording Studios, Ljubljana
by Mic Jogwer (vocals and guitars), Ruebi Walter (bass and keys) and Marcus Giltjes (drums)
engineered and mixed by Janéz Krizaj


META – liner notes:

Between our shows we spent quite some time trying out new musical instruments. Everyone of us had some kind of toy to play around with. On IF TWO WORLDS KISS we only owned one keyboard, a Juno 106, capable to provide a nice string sound with a chorus effect on it. And that was about it really. For META we owned a Roland S10 sampler, 8 or 12 bit-sampling that gave everything some impact and meaning, especially the provided choirs. It also was looping with heavy glitches which also gave the sounds something special. Plus, Ruebi owned a simple little sequencer so he could come up with piano-compositons programming note after note. So in combination with the growing musical ability of the band new sounds and atmospheres were created and META became a daring step foward. At least for the band. And for the press and the audience, too. More and more often META was nominated the official invention of „dark wave“, for sure it has been nominated one of the top dark wave albums ever. „Your Master Is Calling“ got us on TV several times and „Touch The Skies“ got a lot of radio airplay. Other songs became classics in our live sets, like „The First“ or „Cult Of The Beautiful“. Another thing to mention is that – because we were supporting LAIBACH on two tours we befriended each other and we recorded three albums, starting with META in Ljubljana, the slovenian translation of „LAIBACH“ as it was called by the Germans. Jané Krizaj, who then recorded and produced most of LAIBACH’s music spend days and nights with us at the Tivoli recording facility which was in the middle of Ljubljana’s sports park, actually in the basement of a stadium. In 1988, Slovenia was still part of Yugoslavia and part of the eastern block and for them it was very difficult git get good studio gear apart from very valuable tube microphones which they got from radio stations. So it was our job to smuggle studio equipment across the border and pay our studio time with it. In the end that made it all even more exciting, we became close friends to LAIBACH and the Ljubljana music scene, spent quite some time not only in the studio but on the Croatian seaside, went together to Venice and had some great food and evenings together. The song „Meta“ actually didn’t make it onto the album but was a b-side of the CD-single YOUR MASTER IS CALLING. Another song from this session, „Seekers Of The Pure“ became b-side of the CD single „Touch The Skies“.

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