Lyrics – Dynamite


Candle light – goodbye daytime
A warming fire – on the shore
Holding hands – at the seaside
Riding horses – in the dunes

Seagulls calling – waves are tumbling
Until dawn – till the sun will rise
We’re swimming out – to horizon
Watching the clouds – hanging over us

Our love is dynamite

Bathing in the sun – send a smile
Watching the greens – the bees in love
The mist at dawn – flowers covered
So come along – we start a romance

Our love is dynamite

Making love – without cover
People passing – the world’s our friend
Children laughing – all is happy
Say hello – to eternity

Our love is dynamite

(c) 2005 ARABELLA MV
music by: Jogwer
lyrics by: Jogwer
recordings: 2004 in Berlin, Germany by Pink Turns Blue (Anderson/Giltjes/Jogwer/Pavlou/Walter)
original release: studio-album ‘PHOENIX‘ (2005) by ORDEN-RECORDS BERLIN
SMT-Code: 055.000.000