Original album from 2005

PINK TURNS BLUE - Phoenix (2005)
PINK TURNS BLUE – Phoenix (2005)
  1. The Lost Son (Phoenix)
  2. Nows The Time
  3. Wanderers
  4. Dynamite
  5. Good Times
  6. True Love
  7. Underground
  8. Animal Life
  9. The Crusade
  10. Can Love Survive
  11. Feel My Soul

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recorded 2004+2005 @ Dark Art Studios, Berlin
by Mic Jogwer (vocals, guitars), Brigid Anderson (vocals, keyboards, tambourine), Louis Pavlou (drums), Rein Walter (bass), Marcus Giltjes (samples, noises)
mixed by Janéz Krizaj @ Metro Recording Studios, Ljubljana

PHOENIX liner notes:
After a few re-union shows the new group was eager to present itself with new and powerful songs that could well relate to the 2005 generation of the wave and gothic community. So with the help of Marcus Giltjes who had beome a successful producer of art and music, Brigi on vocals and keyboards and the rest of the band we tried to achieve a „new“ version of both atmospheric and post-punkish core of the band. So we ended up with punkrock-songs like The Lost Son and other uptempo works like Good Times but also with very atmospheric pieces like Underground and The Crusade. Another jewel became Louis’ song Feel My Soul, a kind of indie tune but with the power of Mic’s voice. Both Now’s The Time and Good Times became successful club and compilation hits. Phoenix became album of the month in all three leading genre magazines, got to # 14 of the DAC top 100 annual charts and the singles stayed on # 3 for 8 consecutive weeks.