Lyrics – Barcelona


You saw me all naked
A moment I’d cover – my old rotten soul
So shameful
I had to run away – had to hide from you – I had to hide from you

An ugly sensation
Was hoping to sink into the rotten earth
Explain myself
While searching for non-existent words – non-existent words

Just another lonely night

Came home at the wrong time
Were sleeping and was disturbing you
Felt your warmth inside
I fled from my ugly self again – unhappy self again

Just another lonely night

I’d cover my weakness
Whilst wandering through the city night
At places
By staying up a lifetime – a lifetime – a lifetime
A night for a lifetime

Just another lonely night

music by: Jogwer
lyrics by: Jogwer
recordings: 2008-2009 in Berlin, Germany by Pink Turns Blue (Anderson/Jogwer/Pavlou/Walter)
original release: studio-album ‘STORM‘ (2010) by STROBELIGHT-RECORDS
SMT-Code: 076.000.000