Original album from 2010

PINK TURNS BLUE - Storm (2010)
PINK TURNS BLUE – Storm (2010)
  1. Fairy Said
  2. Storm Rider
  3. Run from Me
  4. Angels Grow Wings
  5. Barcelona
  6. To the Core
  7. Stars Collide
  8. Ah Love
  9. Kiss of Death
  10. True Moment

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recorded 2009 @ Dark Art Studios, Berlin
by Mic Jogwer (vocals, guitars), Brigid Anderson (vocals, keyboards), Ruebi Walter  (guitar), Reini Walter (bass), Andreas Plappert (drums), Eike Jogwer-Welz (vocals)
mixed and mastered by Mic Jogwer @ Dark Art Studios, Berlin

STORM liner notes:

As the title suggests, the circumstances for recording of this album where rather turbulent. The band was sharing a studio with a guy who owned the premises. The idea was that the band had a lot of time to play around. In the end the deal didn’t work out that way because the time available for the band with something not broken or with another band next door making noise was practically non existent. Very often the band met at midnight and tried to get something on tape until 7 o’clock in the morning. Some of the band members had to go back to work at 9 so it all became more and more weird and a drag. It was kind of lucky that we managed to finish an album at all. About a year or so after the release we moved out of this place.
Here again you can find a few good songs, good lyrics. But the intensity didn’t reach our best moments. We learned our lessons …