Lyrics – Pressurized


Search for soul in soullessness
A desperate memory of it all
Kicking against that sort of thing
How can I feel pressurized

Feeling I know what to expect
Some awfully deranged stuff in there
How exciting a life you lead
It flatters me sometimes

Feel pressurized

Pale blue eyes, tears of mirth
I’m not going to run away
Obsessed irresponsibility
Getting madder, falling to pieces

Feel pressurized

(c) 1992 ARABELLA MV
music by: Jogwer
lyrics by: Jogwer
recordings: 1992 in London, England by Pink Turns Blue (Jogwer/Pavlou/Walter)
original release: studio-album ‘SONIC DUST‘ (1992) by ROUGH TRADE REC.
SMT-Code: 030.000.000