Lyrics – Summertime


Bathing in the sunlight
Daydreams with my closed eyes
Listen to the bumble bees

Flowers waving in the wind
The smell of grass in late spring
Birds are singing just for me

Connected to eternity
Sailing on the endless sea
Seagulls fly around and call my name

Floating somewhere in the clouds
Linked to the universe
Wind caresses tenderly

It’s summertime

Watch you walking on the beach
Hair flying playfully
A long view to horizon

Feel the sand between my toes
Peaceful voices all around
Children playing in the surf

It’s summertime

A campfire burning in the night
A guitar is playing and you do dance
All friends and all lovers

A small tent hidden in the dunes
A deep sleep without crazy dreams
A warm breeze in the moonlight

A kiss will wake me in the night
A tender whisper full of warmth
Two happy souls in love

A moment spans eternity
Our hugs shelter us from cold
A love to last forever

It’s summertime

music by: Mic Jogwer
lyrics by: Mic Jogwer
recordings: 2020 in Berlin, Germany by Pink Turns Blue (Jogwer/Richter)
original release: studio-album ‘TAINTED’ (2021) by ORDEN-RECORDS BERLIN
SMT-Code: 099.000.000