Lyrics – So Why Not Save The World

So Why Not Save The World

I can hear voices inside
Understand sadness at times
I can see mist coming down
I can see we’re rotten inside
I can hear sighing (all) around
Fallen angels on the ground

Walking straight into night
With no angel in sight
Trying to save our dark souls
Walking straight into light
Wait for the soothing to rise
Clean our rotten black hearts

I can see kids in apathy
I can understand humanity
I can hear the message from God
I can see our time has expired
Having been ignorant for long
I can feel the end of it all

So why not save the world

I can see the world turn to dust
I can hear we are asking for more
I can see fairies disappear
I can feel icebergs melt away
I can hear whales in despair
I can see a world crying goodbye

music by: Mic Jogwer
lyrics by: Mic Jogwer
recordings: 2020 in Berlin, Germany by Pink Turns Blue (Jogwer/Richter)
original release: studio-album ‘TAINTED’ (2021) by ORDEN-RECORDS BERLIN
SMT-Code: 096.000.000