Lyrics – Seekers Of The Pure

Seekers Of The Pure

One hundred days before
In a drifting fall
During a dark night in a plane

Something hard to say
My eyes becoming cold
I know I lost my dirty soul

According to the law
There is no escape for me
It runs into its normal course

Sending all its words
A painted smile on my face
Because the sushine needs a star

A kind of inward war
A march through agony
Those lips I know where to find

A heaven tree of stars
In Zions fallen cause
Oh pray for me in another world

A touch of death without cure
And truth that can’t be found
A dying love that is left behind

Can feel that kind of meaning
A man who’s mind is wandering
To the secret of my way

Of my way – ha
Of my way – ha

Seekers of the pure


music by: Giltjes/Jogwer
lyrics by: Jogwer
recordings: 1988 in Ljubljana, Slovenia by Pink Turns Blue (Giltjes/Jogwer/Walter)
original release: bonus track on cd-singleĀ  ‘TOUCH THE SKIES’ (1988) by FUNFACTORY!
SMT-Code: 000.000.006