Lyrics – S. Day

S. Day

I’m the one outside
Now you can see me face to face
If I didn’t love me
Life wouldn’t consist of this tide

Terrible meaningless
Have to pay too dearly for this
Getting all what fate reserves
Playing Don Quixote often enough

Ha. Ha. Welcome to suicide day

How I had come to this
Call me beast, call me brute
Beginning was a child’s dream
The end becomes a bitter fate

Ha. Ha. Welcome to suicide day

What I’d do for incarnation
In the end there’s no doom
Keeping madness, isolation
All’s just nothing anymore

Ha. Ha. Welcome to suicide day

music by: Jogwer
lyrics by: Jogwer
recordings: 1989 in Ljubljana, Slovenia by Pink Turns Blue (Giltjes/Jogwer/Walter)
original release: studio-album ‘EREMITE‘ (1990) by ROUGH TRADE RECORDS
SMT-Code: 016.000.000