Lyrics – Not Even Trying

Not Even Trying

So happy to kill ourselves
So happy to rob ourselves
So happy to use excuses
That is us

We knew we had to change
As a matter of life and death
We still missed every chance
To improve

We knew it all along
Knew exactly what was wrong
We knew it was too late
To recover

It’s man against the world
Avoiding a better future
Avoiding any wisdom
That is us

We’re not even trying
 – to save our world

Why go for a better option?
As we still can trick ourselves
And blame it on the system
We’re clever as fuck

Fighting for resources
Trying to get advantage
There is nobody left to rob
But ourselves

We’re not even trying
 – to save the world

Getting ready to go now
– to the other side

We’re not even trying
 – to save the world

music by: Mic Jogwer
lyrics by: Mic Jogwer
recordings: 2020 in Berlin, Germany by Pink Turns Blue (Jogwer/Richter)
original release: studio-album ‘TAINTED’ (2021) by ORDEN-RECORDS BERLIN
SMT-Code: 093.000.000