Lyrics – Gonna Hold You

I’m Gonna Hold You


Well this is bad news
We’ve been through rough times, too
We can’t change this world, right because well, we can’t

It’s not getting better
If we give ourselves a hard time
And spend our lives moaning because it won’t change a thing

I’m going to hold you

A kiss treats many wounds
A smile can heal our hearts
So let’s get on and find somehow a way to cope

Let’s cherish our moments
And we’ll never get lonely
Another day will bring along a new route to life

I’m going to hold you
And now I want to hold you

And now I want to hug you
I want to give shelter till this storm will have passed
I want to take care of you
I want to hold hands with you
I want us to hold out till those bad days have gone
Those bads days have gone

And now I want to hold you
I’m going to hold you

music by: Mic Jogwer
lyrics by: Mic Jogwer
recordings: 2020 in Berlin, Germany by Pink Turns Blue (Jogwer/Richter)
original release: studio-album ‘TAINTED’ (2021) by ORDEN-RECORDS BERLIN
SMT-Code: 100.000.000