There Must Be So Much More

Dear friends,

After many months in the studio and far away from the clubs in the world we released our first single “There Must Be So Much More”. Big thanks to everyone who is fighting for a live and kicking music scene in these challenging times.

Single Cover “There Must Be So Much More”

PLEASE CHECK IT OUT and SHARE IT TO EVERYONE ON THE PLANET to keep the music scene alive and to get us all back into the clubs on festivals, partys and all the other stuff we miss so much!!!

Never give up making this – our – world a better place!



New Single On April 2, 2021

On April 2 we will release our new single
There Must Be So Much More”.

There Must Be So Much More (Single Cover)
There Must Be So Much More (Single Cover)

A song as a warning of complacency.
An urgent call to refine oneself and to make the world a better place.
There must be so much more.

Dear friends,

as of April we will be releasing new songs.
First of all some singles as digital releases and then later on when we have a better idea about the lockdown / live concert situation also a new album as CD and vinyl and digital.

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