Original album from 2007

PINK TURNS BLUE - Ghost (2007)
PINK TURNS BLUE – Ghost (2007)
  1. Can’t Be Love
  2. Last Day On Earth
  3. Walk Away
  4. If Love Could Change This World
  5. True Love (After All)
  6. Ghosts
  7. Biding Our Time
  8. No More Reason (To Call Us Alive)
  9. Living Your Life
  10. Now We’ll Go
  11. Break It

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recorded 2006+2007 @ Dark Art Studios, Berlin
by Mic Jogwer (vocals, guitars), Brigid Anderson (vocals, keyboards, tambourine), Louis Pavlou (drums), Rein Walter (bass), Marcus Giltjes (samples, noises)
mixed and mastered by Janéz Krizaj @ Metro Recording Studios, Ljubljana

GHOST liner notes:

GHOST was more or less a collaboration of Louis and Mic being the most productive songwriters at that time – with additional support where needed from the rest of the band. As so often, Mic had an advantage with his songs because they were already sung by him, so no guessing whether an idea would work and sound like PINK TURNS BLUE when sung by Mic or not. The arrangement for GHOST was pretty easy and straightforward: just a normal band around Mic’s vocals but with Brigid’s vocals and keyboards added. That was different from PHOENIX where you had a lot of samples and effects and the band had to play to it. Recorded completely in Berlin and mixed and mastered in Ljubljana by Janéz Krizaj.