Lyrics – Talk Baby

Talk Baby

Make me your plaything
Strip me to my underwear
Let’s perform a public rape
Turn love into trash

Make me understand
Cause words aren’t precise
Nothing but theatre
Beauty by mistake

As innocent as children
As beautiful as lullaby
Everything is pardoned
Love’s declaring itself to us

Talk Baby Talk

I thought I was immune to it
Until you bitch infected me
Flung myself into your arms
Frenzied and precarious

Fired up with ideas
Feeling that it’s not quite right
To reproduce my failings
To satisfy those cravings

Talk Baby Talk

Meaning we could crawl for the moment
Or keep that state
That you want
And I can’t stand
What you notice
And I do know
We could go on like this forever
Or just tonight

Talk Baby Talk

Like a secret brotherhood
Bear it or go down with it
Or take it as it comes
Hungry for the chance

Don’t wanna grow up
Gonne take what I need
Or leave it all behind
Stay underground
Talk Baby Talk

(c) 1994 ARABELLA MV
music by: Jogwer
lyrics by: Jogwer
recordings: 1993 in London, England by Pink Turns Blue (Jogwer/Pavlou/Walter)
original release: studio-album ‘PERFECT SEX‘ (1994) by ROUGH TRADE REC.
SMT-Code: 038.000.000