Lyrics – Darkness


A hungry god in a rotten world
Murder and love and endless starvation
Death to us, his billion birds
It makes me crashing, it makes me cry

Dependencies and reasons why
The deeds of cowards, a bloody crime
I’m running away against the wall
I’m falling through, I’m falling into

Darkness into the …

Friendships are friendships are only dust
Are doing the deeds of men who rust
Hate’s the only way to proceed
And nowhere’s the place where the sages meet

Into the darkness

The world is ending
It’s giving way
He’s playing at dice, he throws them away
The sun will darken and all on earth
No witness, witness to the master’s birth

Into the darkness

music by: Jogwer
lyrics by: Jogwer
recordings: 1988 in Ljubljana, Slovenia by Pink Turns Blue (Giltjes/Jogwer/Walter)
original release: studio-album ‘META‘ (1988) by FUNFACTORY!
SMT-Code: 010.000.000